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Dreamweaver Menu Builder

Ethan Hunt

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Hey guys, I just wanted to ask for your opinion on good addon software for Dreamweaver that helps create interactive menus.

Ages ago, when I built my last website I was using Xara Webstyle 4, but I have some encoding problems with it as I'm not building the menu on English.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. I'm interested in what you guys use for this purpose.

Thanks in advance!

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What kind of menu are you talking about? Flash or just css/xhtml? I just use a text editor and make them on the fly, but if thats not your bag, you can try premade ones: http://www.cssmenumaker.com/ and then modify to your needs.

I've never used dreamweaver so I can't suggest something to use with it, but then again, I do all my website coding in notepad and notepad++.


Sample of MaxiMenu flash menus: http://www.dwuser.com/maximenu/samples.php?f=a

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Thanks digip... I was afk on this forum for quite some time, and just remembered about this post..

I don't have a particular menu style in mind so on your "Flash or just css/xhtml" question, I'd say, both, whatever..

I think I prefer doing something flashy for this particular project though, as those are my requirements.

Thanks for the links, I'll check them out as soon as I can.


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