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My First Circuit Build


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I am needing help on my first electronic circuit build. I got the following on my desk:

2 1/8" Breadboard (it was cheap dont poke fun)

5mm Red LED 1.8 Volt ()20mA()120mcd

SPST Micromini Toggle Switch

Carbon-Film Resistors 1 kohm 1/8 Watt

All bought from Radio Shack. I got all this laying on the table. I want to make a simple circuit where I flip the switch to turn the LED off and on. Any help or links would be helpful. Im trying to do some searching myself.

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You are obviously missing a power source, just grab two AA batteries, or a lithium battery (the flat round ones), and you've got 3 Volts, enough for any LED.

Even though connecting a 1.8 V diode to a 3 V voltage source won't blow up, it's not very healthy for the diode, that's why resistors are used to limit the current going through it. Use this site http://led.linear1.org/1led.wiz to calculate the required resistance, 1k Ohm is too much.

Just remember that LEDs only work one way, the longer leg (anode) should be connected to +.

As for connecting it all together, just connect everything in series.

Check out http://www.instructables.com/ for lots of interesting electronics projects for noobs and pros alike.

lol, 2 1/8" breadboard xD

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thanks for hooking me up here. I may have more questions later to post here.

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I just took a class in school and we used the elenco snap kit 300 (recommended for beginner electronics), it was pretty fun, can you get shocked with the breadboards? that instructables.com site is very nice, i was also looking at some kind of open source hardware, i forget the name but some guys in italy started it i think, its a small board with a usb on it, it think it starts with an A

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As far as the hardware is concerned I think you might be referring to the Arduino.

If you are interested in hardware stuff, check out Make:. They have fun projects for arduino, POV, circuit bending for audio. It is not just for electronics though. They will tell you how to make a spud gun. :lol:

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