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POE with a monkey?


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Any thoughts on how to modify a monkey to intercept traffic from a power over Ethernet device? Is it just a hardware hack?


Given the environment it's used in, it's not conducive. Also, the Fonera is 7.5VDC which doesn't meet the 'standard' POE voltage specification. However you can DIY you're own for home use.

I have a FON running POE in my foyer.


The power supply is about a about 75 feet away in the basement.

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I'm not sure I made my self clear, I dont want to run the fon on power from poe, but that along with passing the traffic though itself it must also pass the power between the lan ports to the device its listening to.


Ah, I see. What I would do then is create a small POE pass-through device and feed only the data wires to the fon. You'll first have to figure out what POE wiring scheme they're using.


Bring in the POE/enet and then split it out to data and power. The data goes into the interceptor and then the output of the interceptor rejoins with the power wires you split out and gets passed back out. Essentially you want to keep the power from going to the interceptor.

NOTE: When doing, this maintain the twisted pair of the data lines as much as possible to reduce cross-talk on the wires.

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I don't know what the standard for POE voltage is but the Fon2 runs off 5v same as the Fon so that may be better for anyone who did want to run a monkey on POE.

Really? My Fon+ runs off 7.5VDC and I'm going out on a limb but since the Fon+ board is the same board in the Fon2, it just doesn't have the USB parts populated. I would think it would be 7.5. Although that's not to say if you supplied it 5vdc it may run. I haven't looked at the voltage regulator circuit inside to check.

But what the OP wanted to do was created a POE passthrough so that he can put it inbetween a POE device.

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The Fon2 comes with exactly the same power supply as the Fon, not the Fon+. I know, I burnt out my Fon+ supply as it is 110v only but the Fon2 and Fon are switchable 240/110 5v supply.

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Well I was wondering if anyone has wired up POE on the Fon + if so anyone got a wiring diagram?

I only got one fon or i would just try it out......

If you want to make your own diy poe for your Fon you might want to do something like these:




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