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Trying to download Arch Linux


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Been trying to download the torrent file from arch's website, but been having problems.

Is their ftp server down or something?

Also tried torrents of the newest "x86 core" version from other torrent sites, but there are next to none seeders.. Well, none.

Can someone upload a x86 core torrent here for me? Any seeders?



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archlinux-2009.02-core-i686.iso                 i686/32bit CD-ISO
  archlinux-2009.02-core-i686.img                 i686/32bit USB-Image
  archlinux-2009.02-core-x86_64.iso               x86_64/64bit CD-ISO
  archlinux-2009.02-core-x86_64.img               x86_64/64bit USB-Image

This one? archlinux-2009.02-core-x86_64.iso

There are plenty of mirrors out there.


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Wow digip, thank you. Cant believe I missed that mininova link. Getting speeds of around 200kb/s just now, which is really fast for me.

Thank you :)

Feel kinda stupid now..

EDIT: I AM stupid. Not only could I not find a simple torrent myself, but I didnt gauge my CPU architecture correctly. i686 optimisation here i come. Woop.

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