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Hey there,

Sorry if this has already been gone through but I wanted to ask more about Netgrep.

Specifically, is the use of it visible to network admins?? also, how legal is it?

I've been speaking to some guys in my university halls and we all found it abit disturbing, especially as I could find absolutely everyones passwords and accounts straight off. I was wondering what steps we should suggest to the admins to stop everyones info being so visible.


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At the same time, a gun is a tool, but its illegal for a anyone in England to use one unless properly certified.

I was mainly wondering if it shows up to a network admin (bar if they were keylogging)?

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i answered your legality question.

"It depends on what the meaning of the words 'is' is"


no a network admin would not know if you are using it.

from what i understand, you are just sniffing packets.

edit edit:

you should only be concerned about netgrep finding plain text passwords, and since you are using a vpn, ssh tunnel and/or ssl connections when doing important things, you shouldn't worry.

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If used to to commit, aid in the committing of a crime then yes using the tool would be illegal. Is the tool itself illegal? No, if used in a legal manner. It's the user that commits the crime not the application.

So, getting back to what you did. You used the tool on a network that you did not have adminstrative rights over or permission from the administrator to use. More then likely there is some sort of "terms of service" agreement in effect between you and the owner of the network. In TOS there is more then likely a clause that says you will not use password sniffers, crackers, port scanners, et. al. on the network. You violated that.

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Ahh thanks thats what I wanted to know really, It just seemed weird as all the information was passing through my box anyway, so If I was just looking at it, it didn't seem that wrong.

Anyway, what can I do to guard myself against people seeing what im doing??

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