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Invision Power Board Spam counter measure


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I have forums set up using Invision power board. It seems to be hit with tons of spam every hour. Is there a way that will minimize the amount of spam posted. I am already using email validation and captchas but it seems as though there are still ones getting through and posting.

And ideas or known ways of stopping spam using Invision Power Board?

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We still seem to get spam here from time to time, so I think there is no definate way to block it, but one thing you can do is get an ip blacklist and apply it to your site. That should minimize some issues, but a live person will always find a way to spam you if they want to.


I take a list like that and edit it to an htaccess file and use "deny from ipxx.xx.xx.*" whatever, and block them all.


Example htaccess block code:

Options -Indexes
order deny,allow
deny from

I even have rules in my own(not using the above links) that block whole legs by country and ISP's. Mainly from Russia and China, and other larger spam networks that visit my blog.

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