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ExpressCard 802.11g Recommendations?


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Hey everyone,

This dell that I recently bought is amazing except it has a new broadcom wireless chipset which currenly doesn't have a driver available for it that allows for it to be put in monitor mode, which has thus far ruined my plans of going wardriving with this lappy.

I was wondering if anyone had some recommendations for an expresscard (or usb... but expresscard is much prefered) 802.11g card that uses extrenal antennas so I can get a better range and also uses a highly supported chipset such as atheros. Also looking to keep this sub-$50 (before antenna).


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my suggestion to you would be to just swap out the mini pci express card. you arent going to find any express cards especially any with external antenna ports for under 50 bucks. the cheapest that ive found was a nice dlink one with an atheros chipset but didnt have antenna ports for about 70 bucks. i like ubiquiti like vako said i have the srx 300 the sr71 usb i have the sr71-e on back order and as soon as i can find a store with the sr71-x ill be getting that as well. they are a little pricy but if you have the extra moola well worth it. other wise check out oxfordtec.com for nice affordable mini pci express cards and antenna options. you can get a couple of the U.fl to sma pigtails pretty cheap if youre looking for external antenna options.

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