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Looking For A Project

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Just looking around to see if anyone has a project they want some help with or a project you might want to start up? I'm pretty much down for helping in whatever language you would prefer but I've got a background in C languages, PHP, Java. Post it here or message me if you've got any ideas?

Thanks in advance for helping me alleviate this boredom.

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If you are comfortable with PHP and AJAX, Something I thought would be pretty cool would be to add ZIP file functionality to http://ecosmear.com/relay/.

Relay is a Web based File sharing site. Whats nice about it is that it looks Very WEB 2.0 Ish. Actually a very cool project. They have a live demo online. The one thing that would be nice would be a way to zip a folder before downloading it. Think your up for the challenge? I know this can be done with Jinzora when downloading a full album so its def. possible.

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That would for sure be a neat addition to their existing functionality. Actually it's quite surprising they don't have something like that in place already. I think the quickest, easiest, and least client-side annoying way to add 'zipping' ability would be from their backend by installing PHP's ZipArchive extension. Possibly prompt the user on download if the file should be compressed, create an instance of a ZipArchive, and then step through your directory structure adding files using their built in ZipArchive::addFile ( string $filename [, string $localname ] ) function.

You mentioned using something with Jinzora? I've never heard of that, so I googled it. Since you mentioned PHP, I assume they're using PHP too to run their media server stuff. This being the case it seems logical that they would require PHP's ZipArchive extension to be 'installed' on the server running an instance of their media server.

PHP's reference page for the ZipArchive class:


I'm not brushing off the idea, I'd love to help you implement that if you're into it. I just thought I'd outline what I think would be the easiest way to accomplish your goal.

Let me know what you think.

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When ever i have spare time (which realy doesn't happen much) i usually go hunting on sourceforge to see what projects i can get involved in.

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