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Cloud Anti-Virus Programs


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Panda just recently released a cloud version of their anti-virus software - http://www.cloudantivirus.com/

Is this the future of AV software?

How will it effect evasion of anti-virus software?

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If you use cloud related software, ie, somehting that resides on the internet alone with client software at the end user, and it gets infected, what happens to the end users computer?

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I just see cloud apps as the potential for a way into a machine. If something gets compromised, and they do, then it affects all clients with the same client program flaw. I don't know a whole lot about cloud computing, but I see things like Folding At Home serve a purpose, but some apps you want to trust and rely on, like an anti-virus program, might not be something you want on a million or so machines controlled by, if say someone else got ahold of the reins. Cloud apps are fine, but something like antivirus that takes control over the entire machine down to the system level worries me a bit(think the good old days of Norton locking you out of the machine on false positives). Its like 0 to Bot-net in nothing flat. What are other peoples thoughts on this, as I don't really have that great an understanding how this would work?

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