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command line bluetooth controll in windows


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hi all. i was wondering if anyone knew of any way of controlling the bluetooth stack on a windows xp machine.

its using the standard windows bluetooth stack.

is there another bluetooth stack compatible with windows xp?

i have googled this for weeks now and not finding much that is useful...

im writing a script to automate connecting a Wii remote to a computer via bluetooth.

any help would be greatly helped.


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I think this may be what you are looking for.


as the link says uses the widcomm bluetoth stack and there are switches availiable for auto connectiong

The site includes the application and the source code so you may be able to pull some info from there

Hope this helps

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its for a corporate environment so it needs to be windows and did i mention free

i was thinking of using autoIT to simulate mouse clicks to complete the task but its clumsy and i want my script to look good as well.

and i couldnt get them to work

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