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Openssh and Putty Question


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I have set up a ssh server in my mom's computer, she lives in California, but I live in Houston. Sometimes she has some problems with her computer so I help her out by using vnc throught vnc and that kind of stuff. However, when i use the command prompt to run command remotely, They don't have any effect in her computer.

In other words when I log in and get to the bash then I type cmd to get a command prompt shell. Any command that I run there won't be run in her enviroment, even though I am in her account. I try to run programs such as nircmd, or try to open firefox from the command line, but they don;t appear in her enviroment. I can see the processes running but the windows of those applications such as firefox and stuff don;t appear in her session. It is like if i were running all those commans in the system account instead of her account, but I am actually logged in her account through putty and openssh.

Is there a setting in openssh that I have to set up in order to be able ro run commands in her invoroment, so that if I type start firefox.exe www.yourson.com she can see firefox starting and see the website???.

or is there an option in putty to run commands in her current enviroment instaead of running any command I type in a system kind of enviroment????

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I try that but putty will run the program in bash which keeps me away from my mom's enviroment. The only solution I see is running netcat in her computer and then create a tunnel in putty to connect to that port just like I do with vnc. However, I don;t want to do that cause I don't want to have netcat running in her computer

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A rather lame and simple solution is simply by opening a command prompt while

you're inside a VNC session.

/ gEEEk

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Um, quick question. If you are using VNC, just go to the icon in its folder and open the program manually. If you are strictly using ssh and running from the shell in ssh, you are just logged in to the ssh service and already at the cmd prompt. By default(from what I remember with OpenSSH on my machine) when you ssh into the machine, any commands you type are run as the user you are logged in as.

In order to start a program from the command prompt a few things need to happen. 1, you need to be in the folder where the exe is to start it, or 2, it needs to be in your default path in order to just type something like firefox.exe from the command prompt to run it. So either navigate to the FF folder, then type the name of the exe to launch it, or have it added to your "path", meaning any time you type it from any directory you are in it will launch. If you are in the default user folder(like documents and settins/user name), it will not run the FireFox program by default just by typing its name. You will have to change directorys to the folder the exe lives in.

Thirdly, there is a shortcut trick to this though. If you type "start someprogram.exe" (without quotes, ex: "start iexplore" will launch internet explorer)from the command prompt, windows will search and start the program without having to be in the folder or have it in your path. to then see if its running, type tasklist in the CLI to see running programs. If it doesn't show up under "Image name", its not running.

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