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Fon 2.0

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Does anyone know how we can get some of these in the states?

I see that they are for sale in europe already and scheduled for release in the US in the summer.

I want to get my hands on one so bad. Does anyone know where I can get one early? (ive been kicking myself for not buying one when it was available for beta testing) Ive checked Ebay but havent seen any their.

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Find someone from Europe that can get you one I guess.

I think US release is May 1st if I remember right. I'm just going to wait. Finals are coming up anyways, I'd be screwed if I got a Fon2.0 before school was out. I'd fail everything! :rolleyes:

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May 1st...

well thats not too bad. maybe I can wait till then.

is it going for $50?

Whoops. It's US release will be July 1st. (http://wiki.fon.com/wiki/Fonera_2.0_Press_Release). That's a lot longer than I thought. :( "Sales will begin in Europe where the new Fonera 2.0 is priced at a very affordable €49,95." I imagine they will be doing the same pricing where that is the same price USD as well.

Digininja, any plans for a Jasager plugin for the Fonera 2.0 firmware? It would be incredible if you could pull that off, just pop in the plugin and you're off, no flashing or nothing.

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I think the hardware changes from Fon + to the Fon 2.0 will not affect the firmware... So we can use the same firmware for the Fon2 that we use for the fon+.

Of course we will need to add the openwrt packages for usb and then the programming to use it.

I cant wait to use the USB function and the added RAM.

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