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my router is pure evil!!!


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ok so I thought it would be cool to get the electric sheep screen saver, so i download it and im told that it cannot connect and that I have to do some port forwarding(which I've never hassled with). So I make a static IP, log into my router and go to forward my port but after I but everything in my router says some BS... sometimes it says the name field isn't flled out, sometimes it tells me that the port im using, 6881 doesn't fall between 1 and 65535!!! its giving me errors about things that are in no way wrong!! im using a trendnet TEW-631BRP, a draft N. and now I'm very frustrated because I was so excited to set up some port forwarding... If anyone has any idea what it would be please help a poor newb....

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Select your router model and the application.

Might help you.

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Might sound daft but i learnt from utorrent, if you click the connection indicator at the bottom it will go through the whole process after you have selected the type of router, hope this helps you

+1 Portforward.com is the way to go.

also maybe try upgrading your firmware. it sounds like you are having random issues that might have been fixed.

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Ok so i've solved one problem, the router was being weird because I was using internet explorer. So I went back in and set it up, unfortunately my router isn't on the site, so i dont have a guide :( im almost sure im using the right area an im using the static ip I set up, it looks like everything should work but utorrent says it still won't work.

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