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enhance wifi signal


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ok so i have learnt how to crack my wep and wpa psk which im chuffed as ive done it 50 times on my router.

now how can i reach a further distance with my internal laptop wlan card? i only have the black connector to it (i presume the other connector is an ariel boost)

i dont mind a wire poking out the side to an external ariel.

the atheros card is in an eeepc

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Could try a wifi extender plugged into your car and a tinfoil reflector (omni direction just move all 360 degrees and see what is best). Also up the voltage on you wifi card (CAN DESTROY YOUR CARD (treat it just like you would overclocking!!)).

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Oh great, i will look at the pics when i can get on net (rather than phone) hopefuly i can get some of the timy antenas that go inside the laptop.

I dont like the sound of overclocking it, i dont want to fry it and knowing me it will lol but i never knew you could put more power to it.. How is it done? Can it be done using bt3

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ok ive looked at these aireals, now i realy want to try the aireals that bend around inside the laptop but all i can find arethe flat ones that go on the back of the lcd. if someone can link me to them ild apreciate it

im using an atheros card with 2 connectors

these are the ones i have found



im not to fussed how much they cost, i take it 2 are better than the 1

also what about a usb antenna?

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=======================EDIT ======================================

after further reading the added voltage would work BUT it would also increase noise... if you have access to the router increase its range and not your computers.

Also get a bigger, higher gain antenna like





----------------------------------END EDIT-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Um Messy I was thinking this was going to be an external card so for the tinfoil that probably won't work (tinfoil mounted on external card to direct it to the router instead of every direction). (EDIT just looked at the link tinfoil could still be used :)). And yes you can still overclock your interjnal card just might be a lot more dangerous. I'll see if I can find the link I read it on...

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Thanks for that, i forgot about the eee forum. Thats just what i needed with the antenna, regarding over clocking i dont think ill bother as i only run bt3 from usb flash. Well ill be ordering antenna kit friday :)

thanks for links :)

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