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Airbase-NG help


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yet again, I am experimenting with the air-crack-NG suite, love it. I have started to learn about airbase but I am finding it difficult to get much helpful info about using it.

So far I know how to setup a fake AP on my wireless card but that is about it. Here are a few things I am stuck on...

Firstly, I understanding I have to connect to a legitimate AP to provide internet access to the fake AP but I don't know how to do this and do I need to use a second wireless card to do this or can I do it on the same card that has the fake AP running on it?

Secondly, when the above is all setup do I just send out an de-authentication attack with aireplay and the target client(s) will just reconnect to my fake AP?

Thanks, Stanni

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Well, if you have an ethernet connection)Wired) you can share your access from the fake AP over your ethernet. Otherwise, you need two wireless cards, as I beleive once you set one up as an AP, thats all it will function as. Other method is MITM where the card can forward traffic bewtween two people while still abel to surf, but I think AP mode takes away the surf function for the card.

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