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Has anyone noticed that when you are doing an MITM attack with Cain and you use APR-DNS to redirect targets to different websites it is very buggy. I say this because it doesn’t always work.

I create a redirect for both "example.com" AND "www.example.com" to go to "www.another_website.com" but most of the time it doesn’t do anything and other times it just displays "website could not be found".

Does anyone know if I should be doing something differently?

Thanks, Stanni

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Ok guys forget my first question, I think I just figured it out. It looks to me like when a computer has been to a website before it remembers the IP and so it doesn't need to send a request to a DNS server asking it anymore.

Well that sucks, first of all is this true and secondly is there a way around this?

Thanks, Stanni

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