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wireshark stoped recognizing my NIC


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hey all :)

i was just wondering if u could lend me ur help again

i'm using a program called wireshark to keep an eye on my home lan network .

but suddenly after restarting my computer today, i tried to use wireshark but couldn't see my NIC "my ethernet card"


the weired thing is that i was workking with it normally just b4 i restart the computer after windows updated. :S

also i tried cain and Able but the same problem , it can't see my network card.


i can use the internet normally with my ethernet card which means that there isn't any problem with the network card it self ?

so do u have any idea ?


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Now this is a bit of a long shot and I am only making an assumption here, but I would say the windows update somehow r00ted your win P-cap driver. Both cain and wireshark depend on this driver to work correctly so try installing the P-cap driver again.

Or you could also use the system restore function and roll back prior to the windows update occuring.

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hahahaha aren't you just smart and ain't i dump :P

well it worked i just re-installed the winpcp as u suggest and it worked

to be honest with u , i thought about that but i was just stuborn and i said to my self no way it would be this simple .

damn i should have tried b4 i ask u guys

it' seems i'm getting old :P

thanx alot Shonen . as i said anything in math just tell me :D

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No probs mate thats what the comunity is for. I wouldnt stress to much about the old and slightly slow issue, I am in the same boat.

I guess the saying about a brocken clock being correct at least twice a day, holds some merit. =)

In any case I am glad I could solve your little boggle and help you stress less.

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