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arp on the gateway?

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how would one configure an arp spoofing situation with just the gateway node?

with two interfaces, im not sure cain can route between the two interfaces. and with cain running, it typically messes with dhcp requests when running in arp spoof mode

also, i dont have a gateway configured on the gateway machines lan port, nor do i have a gateway on the fon, is this correct? i can ping out from the fon and resolve dns... just want to clear some things up with data acquisition


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more specifically,

what would be the most desirable configuration to use the fon in?

should i have a computer as a gateway and capture packets on it, or would a network hub along with a different machine on the same segment work better? if that was the case, how would clients get their respective ips?

ive seen people bring up installing a dhcp server on the gateway, but they didnt elaborate on the benefit or reason.

i seem to be having issues getting clients connected and going through with the ip assignment. clients attempt to connect but dont get an ip and move on. every now and again a client will pull an ip, but there doesnt seem to be any rhyme or reason to it?

a little direction would be appreciated

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This isn't really a Jasager question so should be in one of the other forums. But basically if you are doing ICS from windows then just run cain on the windows machine doing the ICS as all traffic flows through that machine. If you are doing routed networking and just have the Fon on the network then set the default route on the fon to be the machine running cain and have that then forward all traffic.

You don't need to poison anything as you are already in the middle.

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