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CUDA -- SHA1 Salted


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I loved watching the GPU accelerated Hash Cracking...however I have a problem...I have a salted sha1 hash that i need to be able to get the passwords back for a whole bunch of SHA1 Salted Passwords (ASP.NET membership to be exact)

Does anyone know of a tool that can do this for me?

also i just got a killer machine and want to flex its muscle


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The only tool ive seen so far is the one previewed in the episode. I have been meaning to get around to doing something like this alas, i am lazy. Why not just build you a nice big rainbow table and start from there.

My understanding is such that Rainbow tables only work for a specific salt (preferably none) and therefore wouldnt really help me much.

The second is that the demo is MD5 and that site only seems to have MD5 based software.

I would be happy to be wrong about all this ...so let me know if i am


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