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Edit Fraps Video In Sony Vegas 8


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I recorded myself playing unreal tournament using Fraps (on vista)

It has great quality, I import to sony vegas 8, still great quality

I export the video in 16:9 1280:720 HD, The video comes out blocky every time

I've tried every format youtube will accept and I get the same results, I tried in windows movie maker, it exports at great quality but I cannot make the video 1280:720 unless the source video is at least that size, problem is the source video is 1024:768 so that leaves bars on the two sides of the video.

I've tried multiple video converters and I always end up with an aurora effect on the bottom of my video..

Can you guys help me? or suggest a video capture app capable of HD video and able to record sound from the speakers and at the same time be good enough on resources that it wont lagg.

Basically I need fraps with a different codec....

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