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Cross Build Environment


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I found a good page on it on the openwrt site. Basically you download the sdk then use the few example make files in their examples to create your own. For one project I cheated slightly and took an existing project that was close to mine and just modified the working Makefile.

Don't know what the link is but if you search their wiki for sdk you'll probably find it, just look for a page with about 4 example make files in it. If you can't find it give me a shout.

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Would it be possible to share the .config file for the build?

I have been through a few iterations, but I don't think I am including all of the kernel.

I have some C code that I want to include in the buildroot, but I want to ensure I get all the drivers and support. The factory firmware you are currently using is very nice and would be wonderful to use as a baseline. However, I have not been able to find .config on any sites.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

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