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iPod about to go out of warranty


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So my iPod Video was recently sent to be repaired, it had a bad hard drive and something to do with audio. So they sent back a nice clean refurbished iPod. My old one had marks and dents all over it. I remember some people getting linux to run on them as an alt way of playing music and such. I remember Roxbox or something similiar of that name but back then audio playback wasn't possible. Should I go back and look into Roxbox or did something better come on. Basically what should I do with my iPod Video?

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I had rockbox running, and iPodLinux, triple booting.. Primarily for the .ogg support, and the themed interface, nice stuff.

The iPod firmware is rather limiting, I really like rockbox. .mpeg support as well, so you don't have to get your movies from apple, necessarily.

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