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SMS Forwarding


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I have a T-Mobile Razor and it's in it's dying stages. My screen goes in and out and a bunch of other issues. I am getting a new phone hopefully soon. In the mean time does anyone know of a way or a service that will forward my incoming txt messages to a home server or an e-mail account so I won't have to worry about missing any?

I'm looking for a free method as money is a bit of an issue at this time, but if anyone knows of a affordable service that will work also.

Thanks in Advance.

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It has forwarding options in its settings. You can forward faxes/calls. Not sure about sms though. I think it communicates with their servers on the numbers you provide so when its off or on all your calls should be forwarded there. If you can't find the settings or they don't work, look under the account section in t-zones to see if you can set it up that way. Don't be surprised if your bills a little more than you expect though. They might charge for it.

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