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SSH mini tunnle


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so i have been looking around for a cheap and easy way to have a low power option for a box to SSH to when i am tunneling. what i would like is for everyone to shoot some options for me to look at cause I'm not finding a lot. so far i have "YBox2 DIY Mini Network PC" which seems like a awesome option, the second i was looking at was picotux, third maybe Gumstix, fourth i was thinking of running a SSH server on my sony clie ux-50 but that would slow my connection i think, and last option not quite as power efficient would be my Wyse S90 but than i would have to find a new candidate to go in my jeep as a mobile car pc deal. anyways i would love to hear thoughts and options from everyone.

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you can just get a free shell account from somewhere that allows ssh (most do) and tunnel through that. what i use for my tunnels is my hp server LC2000 (i know its ancient but it works for me plus it was free). you always do have the option of just taking one of the junk computers you probably have laying around and putting linux on it. ubuntu is really really easy to set up, then just connect it to your network and run it headless. thats usually a cheap way. if you dont have a crapo machine laying around, garage sales are usually a good place to find one.

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Don't set it up on the one that controls your Internet. Asking for trouble.

so maybe set up my wrt54g that is the reciever on the inside of my network as the ssh?? or is that still a little too far up on my network? maybe set up the 3rd as a "dummy" with nothing but ssh?

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