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Netcom NP285


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One of the guys from class lashed out and purchased the Netcomm NP285 Ethernet over power turbo twin pack out of curiosity. Seeing as he is flat out with work (installing surveillance equipment) he was kind enough to chuck it my way for a road test for a couple of weeks.

To be perfectly honest I know sweet stuff all about the technology other than what is advertised on the box and like most things what is advertised is sometimes not entirely correct. Hence I figured I would chuck it up here and see what the hak5 tech guru's think. If any of you have encountered using or read anything interesting on Ethernet over power I am all ears. On a side note are there any security concerns? from what little I have read the only thing protecting you is being on a different power phase (but meh I am no electrician).

I was planning on having a read of the documentation and having a fiddle when I awake from my slumber tomorrow afternoon. XD

Specs for the NP 285 can be found at http://www.netcomm.com.au/products/ethernetoverpower/np285

Thanks in advance to all who posted and gave me some reading material.

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I agree 85mbps is slower than your cat5 standard but slightly better than wireless and its 54mbps. I hear a fair few people are making the switch from wireless to EOP due to the 200 meter distance and the lack of signal drop outs, I guess its also cheaper and less hassle to implement EOP over cable installs as well.

lol it is nice not having to pay for things, I think that link I posted had them valued at $200 my mate scored the same thing for $130, which is pretty good.

Yeah I read claims of 200mbps speeds from netgear but then I came across this posting on a forum

200Mbps from Netgear:

And they have already been sued and the engineering people said:-


the max speed we got in the lab was 85Mb/s

the 200 was a number dreamed up by the marketing department.

end quote

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