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Login to freeSSHd?


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Nub question. I failed uber bad for the past many hours.

I am testing the freeSSHd; both server & client on the same computer.

I could not get it to work from remote locations, so I put that off until I solve my biggest problem.

I cannot log in the account I set up for SSH.

- In SSHd, I created the account with a simple password. [many times]

- In plink, I ran:

plink -N -D 9999

- I get the user & password prompt, but it doesnt work:

Using username "RandomClown".
RandomClown@'s password:
Access denied
RandomClown@'s password:
Access denied
RandomClown@'s password:
FATAL ERROR: Server sent disconnect message
type 2 (protocol error):
"Too many attempts."

I tried many passwords, even 123, & the letter a.

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks for reading

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yey random clown i got mine to login to work now!! the funny thing is that iam not sure what i did but hear is what i did before it started to work.

opened the port 22 on both firewalls on my server system though the cmd line like they said in the videos

restarted the computer.

the command in plink i used was plink.exe username@domain name or just ip

under the tunling tab on the ssh server i chose the alow local port forwarding and allow remote port fowarding.

hope this help you to get connected if you do or if some one els could help me get my IE or fire fox connected to this it would be appreciated the error saying you only do 2.08 or something like that in the browser.

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ahh actually, I uninstalled the program cause Vista was spammimg me with UAC-like stoofs.

The program wanted to hide all my windows to show only SSHd & a vista UAC-like popup ask me if I will let it hide my windows.

After I hit yes, SSHd wants to update, then restart.

When I start SSHd again, it does the whole process again.

Each popup is about 10 sec to go through, & only gets me the same update window.

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