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Styling/Theming Window Frames

Bit Hunter

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What i want to do is, duplicate Office 2007, iTunes, etc GUI in C#. Can it be done, if how?

Basically, i hate Windows GUI, and for my applications i want to put a little more fancy skin on it, just don't know how.

Any pointers...

PS I do know, i can buy wome plugin, but i don't have that kind of money...

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I imagine these type of GUIs in standard Windows applications (such as the ribbin tab controls) will be available in Visual Studio 2010. Don't quote me on it though, MS may decide they want to keep it to thier software.

As far as not having a title bar on the form to appear like iTunes or the default apperance of Windows Media Player 11, set the formborder type property on the form in Visual Studio to none. Make sure you got a way of closing the form whether programmatically or via button to the user of your application though.

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