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Are DLP Tv's any good?


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Can this Tv kepe up with LCD and Plasmas?

Rear projection tvs are not good for gaming(At least, they didn't used to be). If you pause, say, mario brothers on an NES for too long, it leaves the image burned into the screen. At least the older rear projections did this. My friend got the beating of a lifetime for doing that when we were little. I'm now 34, so not sure what the technology has done to impove this since then, but buyer beware, read the fine print to make sure this isn't the case!

Also, what is the refresh rate and contrast ratio? This will let you know if you are going to get clear images or blurs during action films as well as sharp edges with bright whites and colors vs softer pictures and less vibrance.

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What are good ratio's for this.

I have a rear projection tv in my room now that I game with my xbox 360 on. The only LCD in my house is my parents computer screen. Everything is out dated but still works. No burnt images. But I am no looking on how fat it is it's crazy. Lets upgrade

Whats the largest LCD(I don't really like plasma because they burn out over time, i keep my tv's forever)that keeps a good picture.

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