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Lowlevel format HD


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I need some help of how to find my HD again after i did a lowlevel format i was not able to find it in the manager or Mypc , is there any tool that will format it back so i can use it, it is shown in the bios so its working its just with our a format so i cant see it on my OS, i use XP thank you for your help

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And - unless you're dealing with old school tech, you don't actually low-level format anymore.

Low level formatting was for MFM, RLL and ESDI drives to teach the controller and hard drive to work together - and if you had one of those you'd probably not be running XP.

Old School? I was there when they built it.

modern low level format = one pass of zeros

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Um... no? That would not be an LLF by any definition.

In modern computing that's what it means, at least according to Seagate's diskuntil.

While it's impossible to perform an LLF on most modern hard drives (since the mid-1990s) outside the factory, the term "low-level format" is still being used (erroneously) for what should be called the reinitialization of a hard drive to its factory configuration (and even these terms may be misunderstood). Reinitialization should include identifying (and sparing out if possible) any sectors which cannot be written to and read back from the drive, correctly. The term has, however, been used by some to refer to only a portion of that process, in which every sector of the drive is written to; usually by writing a zero byte to every addressable location on the disk; sometimes called zero-filling.
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Sparda is corect on the defenition in now days, i do also know the other old defenition of LLF, i got it working i had to use a 3rd software boot it from the cd, because it did not show in the manager as i said before, i had to use Diskdirector from acronis . thnx for the help :)

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