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  1. I used to work in PC repair shop,... had this whole breakdown of charges and time and all kinds of graphs and shit. Now that I do work on the side, I just simplified it ALL .. 95% of everything I do is $50 .. that's it .. DONE. I need the quantity of work and word of mouth more than anything. So far it's working really well.
  2. Good job getting everything back up and running !!! It would be a good topic on the show to cover simple steps to secure your web server, and some incident response stuff. Again,.. kudos to Hak5 & crew for the effort in getting everything restored so quickly. -Lnxr0x
  3. I usually pick up 2600 at the local Boarders or B&N, same price for news stand or subscribed :) .. It has TONs of info in a small package. :)
  4. I did miss the bottom of the article, my bad. Just making sure the use of Darren as "hacker" is a good thing :) Well written post, I tend to go on the defense when articles stemming from mainstream media decide to throw around the word hacker. Glad to see there will be a follow up explaining things people can do to protect themselves from hackers not as ethical as those known as "Darren"
  5. Linux does do a few thing different when it comes to power management, could be why it didn't happen on windows. Just a thought :)
  6. http://blogs.discovery.com/guest_spot/2009...l?cid=153704357 quote: "Enter the hacker. I'll call him Darren." <_<
  7. Sorry if the topic was already started ... did a search and nothing came up .. so hey.. what's the harm in starting a new thread :P oh yeah forgot about securabit... Seeing that I have a 2nd gen ipod mini that can only do audio I can't really bring hak5 with me ... I suppose in the broad sense of the term it is a podcast. I'll have to check out some of the other rev3 stuff
  8. What are some podcasts you listen to and/or recommend ?? I don't really consider Hak5 a podcast as I like to sit down with a nice cold one and watch the newest episode.. but when I'm on the go I have a few podcasts I enjoy Exotic Liability PaulDotCom Unpersons Linux Action Show
  9. lnxr0x


    It's been down for about a month now ... figures right after I created an account :P
  10. In the past as a side project/extra income, I've gone to SOHO owners/users, evaluated their needs and have implemented different types of perimeter security and unified threat management solutions. It's a lot of fun to architect different setups based on clients needs. The only downside is that without a support team or any employees working with you.. then YOU become the support. (which i'm sure you're aware of ..) I've used Untangle, Smoothwall, and more recently PFSense. I've also used Suse Linux and CentOS linux as all in one server/storage solutions. Hope this gives you some ideas :)
  11. The newest release of open source FPS Sauerbraten is out (trooper edition)... Sauerbraten.org Downloading now ... gonna see if I can get it running on my EEE .. just because :P Happy fragging !!
  12. Running EEEBuntu on Asus eee 900 .. works freggin' sweet !!
  13. My humble home network done with Gliffy.com
  14. +1 for Hak5 store... That would be awesome !!!
  15. If you have an old PC that would otherwise be junk you could throw PFsense on it and use the traffic shaper to limit downstream and upstream bandwith based on LAN IPs. (I know you don't want to use extra hardware, but it's still an option) http://pfsense.com As far as stability/reliability my PF box has been UP for 68 days (thats when I installed it) running a squid proxy for content filtering (in addition to using OpenDNS) and SNORT for basic IDS. The actual hardware is a PIII 933, 18gig HD, 512MB RAM
  16. Hey Silentknight.. The top shot is amazing !! ... do you have a link to the wallpaper ??
  17. When I first wanted to "TRY" Linux I used Knoppix and Suse 8.0,.. when I wanted to "LEARN" Linux I used Slackware... Now that I'm comfortable I use Xubuntu. All personal preference ... but like Nike says... "Just Do IT." Get a spare hard drive,.. goto a local pc repair shop ... even if they only have a few used 40 gig drives.. they're usually throwing them away !! (or selling them REAL cheap) Boot OFF a Live CD Boot OFF a USB drive Just start experimenting, You'll learn a LOT and hopefully have some fun along the way ... Try it !!... , you'll like it !! That's what true hacking is about
  18. Slackware: I tell people Slackware *IS* Linux. I really learned Linux using Slack, before that I had used various distros (usually RPM based,...Suse, RedHat) I wanted to learn the core of Linux and how it worked, so ... I picked up the book "How LInux Works" Installed a copy of Salckware and went to town :) But in the end even though I know how everything goes together I've settled on Xubuntu(speed and ease of use) and now that I have the fundamentals down from using Slack if something breaks I can usually fix it, even if X (desktop) doesn't start... which by the way is VERY rare with the newer distros.
  19. Ubuntu comes with ALOT of software already !! I first throw on the essentials Nvidia drivers and flash, newest Firefox release, GUFW (firewall)... then Nmap, traceroute, VLC, Quake 3, Doom, Snes9x,Miro whatever else i'm playin with at that particular moment. If you like the gui just open up Synaptic and search for any software you think you might like/need Number one tip: Don't get frustrated when you have to do things a little differently than Windoze, once you get the hang of it Linux just "becomes" more natural (my opinion of course) Welcome to the DarkSide !!! Have fun
  20. In case anyone wants to grab a piece of history head on over to http://microcenter.com , in the search type in 026666 and that will bring up the "ultimate" collectors edition of "A Hacker Odyssey: The Best of 2600" signed by Emmanuel Goldstein, This version I believe has a cd and also a poster of all of the 2600 covers. Hmmm .. if only I had an extra $95.00 !!
  21. lnxr0x

    Quake Live

    They will have a LInux version soon and hopefully Mac
  22. My wife found http://taggalaxy.de really neat way to browse flickr galleries by category, Type in your main "tag"... narrow the search by clicking the smaller planets and then when your satisfied click the main planet and it will map relevant photos to the "photo planet" check it out
  23. I feel the same way !! I think it has to do with the texture of the pages and contrast with the ink (think warm & soft).. an LCD or CRT is all bright and headache inducing when it comes to relaxed reading. I know many people who feel this way. I have tons of stuff in PDF that came with the original books but, I never read them on the PC. Plus I find that when I'm reading a book on the PC it's that much easier to get distracted from reading that one file/page... I'll read somthing and think .. oh that reminds me.. or ooh that's cool lemme check it out... very easy to get distracted while online.. and NO i'm not talking about pr0n. :P
  24. Something like a Cisco 851 router should work, Also you could try setting up a router with DD-WRT.
  25. My 1st PC I actually owned was an IBM AT 286 20MB HD 1MB ram DOS 3.1. Washed cars, cleaned garages, mowed lawns, raked leaves etc for about 9 months to save up to pay for it !! (bought it used of course). those were the days hehe... Who remembers having to edit the autoexec.bat & config.sys files to "rem" out the himem line to get certain games to run because some games needed "extended" memory and some needed "expanded" memory ?? I remember I got to upgrade to 2 MB of ram for my birthday,... went to the good ole' tri-state PC show... found USED ram,, paid $80 for an extra 1MB !!! WTF was that ?!?! Oh how times change,... I'm still a fan of older hardware, my main PC up until about 6 months ago was a PIII 933 512ram 40gig HD geforce 2 GTS. I've upgrade now to an Athlon XP 2500+ 1gig DDR 400, 80 gig HD and a Geforce 4 MX 440 (bout the same as the geforce 2 GTS)
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