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Help Decrypting WEP HEX

Micah C

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Hey hak5ers,

Here is the situation. I have a friend who has a wireless router @ his house ( WPA security ) . He has entered the password to it on my computer so its saved. I have used wireless key view to reveal the password. The only problem is its a hex. When i put the hex in it works fine. Is there any way to decrypt this to see what the password is? I have permission from my friend. This is for educational purpose.

Hex: 52504167548945222cc84a421015b62bc6e500889b3c810ff2557a727dabe3e1

You can download Wireless Key View from Nirsoft.

any ideas?

Micah C

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Um, if your friend gave you permission, why then didn't he just tell you the password??

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umm... looks like you fail sir! *j/k*

this isnt just the hex version of his password, it's a hash, I believe, cause I put it through my hex to ascii converter and here is what it spit out: RPAgT‰E",ÈJB¶+Æå

but i will say this, that would be one 1337 ass password!

btw, nettools. Search it, live it, love it.

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