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A mobile missile launcher


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I got this idea when I was looking into making a mobile webcam. Then I seen the HAK5 episodes with the missile launcher and laser pointer and figured what the hell.

One thought that came to mind was how funny it would be to use that on Darren's cat. I can't wait to use it on my roommate's cat.

I will be working on it in my spare time so I will post my progress here. Although I will probably need help since I have not used java all that much.

Hare are some of my sources:




One more thing I found a webcam that can turn 360 degrees so it can aid in steering when you want to see whats behind you. Although it would be like steering a tank.

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That's a pretty neat idea.

I have a Spykee sitting around that might make for a good platform to try something like that.

I know it has a mini USB hook up and I have a older missile launcher, so I wonder if something like that might be manipulated with the code.

Might have to find some time to mess with it.

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