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while DarkBlueBox link is probably helpful and will link you to many tutorials on howto configure your super leet unreal/inspircd setup.

If you are using windows i'd say you need unreal/InspIRCd.

If your running linux checkout. http://hg.atheme.org/charybdis/ || http://hg.atheme.org/charybdis/archive/tip.zip

Atheme services if you want services. http://www.atheme.net/projects/show/atheme

On linux things are easy if you are using apt or some other package manger.

download ircd source. read the INSTALL file. probably have something like ./setup.sh or

./configure --help to see all options

./configure --prefx=/usr/local/ircd


make install

you will have missing shit just install it using a package manger.

carefully read documention and do config file.

same applies for atheme.

I like to try differnt software to see what it has to offer rather than sticking to the main shit(in the end i might use hte main stuff after trying others which are possible inferior).

If you are using windows or don't want to learn much. just copy paste lines from a tutorial from DarkBlueBox's link.(it's how too many ircd's are setup)

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