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Resetting jasager's webif to default


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I was setting up ICS on my fon and was doing fine until i couldnt find the damn thing >_<

I ran wireshark and nmap'd the subnet but nothing appeared.

I thougt i had it set to, but it doesnt respond to a ping, nor can i access it via the web interface.

Is there any way of resetting Kamikaze back to its defaults (which will reset the default IP of the fon back to 1.1).


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not getting a default gw doesn't mean you can't connect to the fon it means that its dhcp server is either down or not giving out the gw address. You said you'd tried pinging it, I assume you'd given yourself a static ip first.

If you really are locked out you could try firing up wireshark and listening for dhcp requests from the fon, sometimes if asks, you could also try ping sweeping on and .2.0 just in case.

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Ive tried sweeping and Ive tried wireshark.

My wireshark traffic shows DHCP from to

And BROWSER traffic is to

i meant a full connection cant be established if im not assigned an IP.

So there isnt any way for me to reset it?

Ive tried the reset button to no avail. Ive tried researching for pin shorts (like i had to do for a wrt54g) and ive tried telnetting and ssh'ing in on all IP's i have found.

None seem to be working.


My LAN connection details show:

IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Im reflashing.

Seems like the best option.

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you won't be able to ping if your ip is you need to set your ip to something on the same subnet, for example

I changed to the same subnet but was still getting problems. the reflash seems to have worked. i can telnet in. havent got jasager back on there yet, will get it on there tomorow morning.

Im typing from my g1 at the mo so cant type everythin i want to, so i'll edit this tomorow.

digininja, i was wondering about the progress on the modules? ive been working on a nessus module but was wondering how thats going for you?

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I have retried setting up ICS.

No luck.

I have the same problem as before.

The second i change the fons ip it disappears off the face of the earth.

I cant ping it, or access the internet (wired or wireless) or ssh to it.

Im going to reflash and find another way, this way obviously doesnt like me.

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