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Multi games server how can it be done


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Hi I live in Argentina and I recently entered a Cybercafe with 20 pcs running Cybercontrol 5.0 and over 50 popular games to play, games like FIFA 2009, most need for speed, mafia, falloutgrand theft out, mu,lineage, etc.... OK so no big deal, but what caught my attention was that none of these games were physically installed on each pc instead everything was been executed somehow remotely on a server, the only thing was a small menu displayed on the desktop with a list of available games to run.

well I asked the administrador how it is done and he said he did not know anything about computer and that some people aproach his business and he paid a lot of money for this setup and he said he had to buy a new pc nothing fancy athlon 5200+ and 1 Gb ram, gigabyte (1000 Mbs) switch/router and LAN cards. and that everthing was installed there. He showed me a remote wingows of the server with a folder containing subfolder with all the games.

Ok so looked around in the client pc and checked out the menu users can create accounts wich automatically saves your game and it was done with VBasic the links in this menu execute a *.exe in a hidden folder inside \\my documents folder and inside this folder it has subfolders of everygame available and inside these are config files, dll, and the executable the menu points to.

So anyone know what they do to get it running I mean I have tried and yet I can not execute the game remotely or bandwith is not enough.

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I know that if you "run" (double-click or whatever) an EXE on a samba server, it actually runs on your PC. I've never looked into how exactly Windows goes about doing this, but I'm guessing their setup was something similar to this.

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You could as mentioned previously use a smb share on a server machine

and then simply access this share on the other machines. And make a lockdown

of the system using Windows SteadyState and then just place shortcuts to

the games you want to run.

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