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Automatic Computer Cleanup Question


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I was wondering, is there a good program that can cleanup a computer, run virus scans, do windows updates, and update programs automatically? I fix computers, and a majority of the problems are just to much crap. I install AVG, ad-aware, Spybot S&D, Adobe Reader, Java, Shokwave, CCleaner, defragler,Flash Player, itunes if they use it, quicktime if they use it but not itunes, unlocker, filehippo update checker, windirstat, winrar, and any updates they need. I then un-install any of the programs that they don't need, like unlocker and stuff. Is there any way to automate that process, or download a program that will do that with other programs, but with the same intent of cleaning up a computer? I would prefer free software if it exists, but if you know of a share-ware one, feel free to throw it out there.

Thanks very much in advance, and merry early Christmas! :)

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Interesting, that looks pretty good, i will check it out, thank's.

Not for installing AND running automatically, i don't think bat files have that kind of capability, unless i am mistaken.

Many programs has CMD commands for various task, unfortunaly they have started to strip them out of the free version of fx ad-aware (which worked, made me buy it). I'm currenly have a batch file for clean-up and backup that runs automaticly once a week.

But you could also use one of those macro applications that simulate mouse and keyboard input, but those have a tendency to fail quite bad if just the smallest things have changed

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