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Stop Jasager users Viewing network..

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This slipped my mind, my Jaseger Fon is open, then i connected and saw that i can access my home network, big woopsie, since i have an unpassworded file server, and when my main PC is on you can gain access to shared areas aaswell...

Now what would be the best route to stop people connected from the Jasager router viewing the network from my main router?


And my file server is running ubuntu 8.04 server and my other PC's that are "sharing" are Ubuntu 8.04 desktop, Win Vista and an XP machine...

Cheeersss =]

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This is why I run the wireless side of the fon on a different subnet and route traffic rather than using ICS, that way I can tell my internal stuff to only listen on my internal subnet so it will ignore any traffic coming from the wireless side of the fon.

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Just kick in an iptables rule in the FORWARD chain like:

iptables -I FORWARD -d <lan subnet> -j DROP

for example:

iptables -I FORWARD -d 192.168.0/24 -j DROP

That way traffic with a destination within your network get's dropped, but with a destination somewhere on the internet still get's through.

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