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wireless fileshareing networking


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i have a client that wants to go wireless you know for the sake of less cables his has all his computer file shareing on.he can see all the files he shareing from any of his desktops will this still be the case , if he gos with a wireless routor?

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Yes. Filesharing has nothing to do with network hardware. A network is a network is a network. Just be sure to secure it once you set it up. Preferably WPA2.

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Be sure to get good quality 'future proof' access points (by that I mean N/G) so they won't need replacing.

It is also probably worth pointing out that in terms of 'less cables' they reduce each cable at each computer by one. The giant wiring cabinets will disappear but will be replaced by smaller wiring cabinets to support the access points. If they ask about using repeaters instead of switches with wired access points, be sure to tell them "No, that will make every thing very very slow".

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