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  1. Im going to do my best to do as you say. please get started on that linux tutorial hell im willing to pay for it let know and ill paypal it to ya. thank again for your help it very much appreciate your help thank you thank you.
  2. im sure it bricked, i only have linux and one mac. the clean flash tutorial is only windows witch is no help could you point in the right direction id like to use linux if possible(witch it is according to the windows unbrick tutorial said linux tutorial coming soon
  3. where is the linux flashing flashing tutorial ?
  4. i have a client that wants to go wireless you know for the sake of less cables his has all his computer file shareing on.he can see all the files he shareing from any of his desktops will this still be the case , if he gos with a wireless routor?
  5. ill give these hacks a try next time around . tnanx for the replys
  6. oh forgot to mention im out 40 bucks!! since i couldnt get it to work :(
  7. ok well simple enough question is, are there any methods of cracking mac osX login passwords ? i know of methods of cracking pc/windows login password. i dont own a mac and the reason i ask is that i had a client that bought a mac laptop off the street with a password and all think of is to get a copy of the os cd and do and complete reinstall. ether the copy i got of the net was fake or their a certain way the cd had to be burned, because it dosn't boot the cd?! thnx for your time everyone
  8. hey guys i know of methods of cracking windows login password but those anyone know of a method to cracking mac osX login passwords?
  9. not what i herd but, anyways i herd pentium is loosing it big time comeing leo leport
  10. thanx for the kind words man. see darren knows i got the hook up! guys look, if you know anyone that about to buy or whatever come see me first. i will hook you up thats my word+
  11. it cool , just figure i let you guys know but if you got friends or anybody you know that wants em please do holla at me. i will hook it up for sending me buisness My word is my bond+
  12. just click my www link in my profile. as for the price of the item it 107.99 compared to newegg $137.99?! so guys please let me know you wont find it on my store just yet but trust me i got em
  13. oh well, i guess then no one need me around :cry: thnx for hearing me out anyways
  14. no i dont work for newegg, I just wanted in the community to know that i have them for much less then newegg. im takeing orders now thanx for hearing me out
  15. if anyone would like to buy the scandisk 4 gig flash memory stick switchblade the very same you on in this ep of Hak5 please please let me know im am takeing orders now http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820171121 i have them for much less then newegg! so please come see me guys help me out
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