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Fon+ and IPhone

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Hi there, after "discovering" afew network issues of other computers with jasager i will now turn to whitehat hacking and turn the Fon into a mobile internet station.

First i did install iphonemodem with zrelay to enable a socks5 server on the iphone, then connect to the fon via static ip ( unfortunately because iphone switches completely to wlan if it gets a dns+gateway, which i have removed in the static ip configuration)

then created a script on the fon watching for the mac of the fon if port 1080 is open and a socks connection is possible (tsocks). then it triggers a script that will do the following, change the br-lan traffic from outgoing via eth0.1 (wan) to the socks client located on the fon which is connected to the iphone, and leaving directly to the internet.

i theorie everything is aready working but i have a problem finding the correct software (tsocks,vtun,iptables-rules)

to forward the traffic transparently for the clients connected via wlan or lan to the socks server of the iphone.

tsocks itself already works so i can do an "tsocks opkg update" via the iphone to update the package archive on the fon :-)

has anybody already experimented with this or knows a a software/configuration to create for example a virtual interface "socks0" to forward the traffic to?

best regards,


ps: thanks digininja for the tip with gargoyle, it worked perfectly after i have removed all the custom stuff ;P

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