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Todo list AIR app


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Well CodeMonkey been saying that he need a todo list. Well I was bored and on Advil PM I started to make it. It is ok it uses PHP, and AIR well i really didn't get into coding it big so I am making have a login part and other stuff. The thing is I want to make it secure(the php). So the source code is coming soon maybe in a day but the AIR app can be used now. Please don't spam it cause It runs saves the data in a mysql database on my server.


The next verison is going to have a login script and a 20 post limit.

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New Version is out the air app is on 2.0 but the php scripts is on 1.2 um.... when i make scripts to 1.5 I will release the source code of everything.

sign up page:


download link:


Please tell me if you find any bugs!

--People that Looking for bugs--



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Newest and Release Verison! Okay, Well this is the release of the first source code for this app. The source code for the app is in the installer of this app. the source code for the php scripts is online.

Adobe Air app:


PHP scripts:


If you have any ideas or find a bug tell me please thank you.

P.S. You still need to register at http://codedninja.com/new/register.php

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i think there mit be a bug but it mite just be that your reg sever is not up

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) in /codedninja-host/codedninja/www/new/function.php on line 33

Error connecting to the SQL database.

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Thanks to Coded I can Now list off my Project ideas lol.

Also I can get all the tasks on paper for such projects.

I may want to create an Application that is able to be put on a phone.

Sort of like the App for the IPhone.

Hey Coded you could share the code via the Insert Code box feature buddy.

Would lower some strain on your servers lol

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now it is working i do have a sageston but insted of clicking on wat you have finished to delete it make a check box to the left side 1 box to have the thang to mark as inprogras and 1 for the finished and another for delete thin on the bottom a save and maybe some thang to give like wat to do first and so on

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