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  1. Well i am a Sabayon fan and I don't know how to make the grub loader load it. I tried to make ubootin install of it and extract the file off the thumb drive so then ubootin has it's own grub loader how I know which is which and how i make the code for menu.lst
  2. Well I was thinking since I had a U3 8gb thumb drive to make a fun little hack that changes the homepage of Internet Explorer and Firefox to a page that has rick roll I am still looking at how to make U3 programs but I should have it done in about 1 week.
  3. Reg is fix I need to add an new function to reg and i can make an phone app for it and i am working on a phone program now some with some php and pingfm or aim
  4. Newest and Release Verison! Okay, Well this is the release of the first source code for this app. The source code for the app is in the installer of this app. the source code for the php scripts is online. Adobe Air app: http://upload.codedninja.com/uploads/common/todolist-2.5.air PHP scripts: http://upload.codedninja.com/uploads/common/todo-1.6.zip If you have any ideas or find a bug tell me please thank you. P.S. You still need to register at http://codedninja.com/new/register.php
  5. New Version is out the air app is on 2.0 but the php scripts is on 1.2 um.... when i make scripts to 1.5 I will release the source code of everything. sign up page: http://codedninja.com/new/register.php download link: http://upload.codedninja.com/uploads/images/todolist.air Please tell me if you find any bugs! --People that Looking for bugs-- L337_CodeMonkey deathishere
  6. Well CodeMonkey been saying that he need a todo list. Well I was bored and on Advil PM I started to make it. It is ok it uses PHP, and AIR well i really didn't get into coding it big so I am making have a login part and other stuff. The thing is I want to make it secure(the php). So the source code is coming soon maybe in a day but the AIR app can be used now. Please don't spam it cause It runs saves the data in a mysql database on my server. http://upload.codedninja.com/uploads/common/todolist.air The next verison is going to have a login script and a 20 post limit.
  7. cool app I am going to use it for now
  8. Well I was challenge by my teacher in school to a program off. I got the challenge done but, I see a little flaw. Well the example is at http://www.codedninja.com/programs/binary....binary=10110110 basically you put the binary you wanna show at the of the binary var. If you see it, if a number is doubled it has the extra line like 11001100 see how it has double 1's and 0's well I can fix it but I don't want the code to be really long. I would like it to be short simple. Well here is the code. <?php if (isset($_GET['binary'])) { header("Content-type: image/png"); $im = @imagecreate(500, 500) or die("Cannot Initialize new GD image stream"); $bgcolor = imagecolorallocate($im, 255, 255, 255); $color = imagecolorallocate($im, 0, 0, 0); imageline($im, 3, 3, 3, 497, $color); imageline($im, 3, 497, 497, 497, $color); $bits = str_split($_GET['binary']); $c = 20; foreach ($bits as $digit) { if ($digit == 0) { imageline($im, $c, 40, $c + 20, 40, $color); $c = $c + 20; } elseif ($digit == 1) { imageline($im, $c, 40, $c, 20, $color); imageline($im, $c, 20, $c + 20, 20, $color); imageline($im, $c + 20, 40, $c + 20, 20, $color); $c = $c + 20; } } imagepng($im); imagedestroy($im); } else { echo "Sorry, you didn't give the Binary var"; } ?> real waveform image: http://poscope.itss.com.co/images/ExtSampling-full.jpg
  9. The email the emailed me on was my email account i got from them
  10. First I used Vuze when i first started P2P then switch to Utorrent due to less cpu usage
  11. Yea i download the game spore which was easy to beat
  12. They terminated my web hosting i got with them, and my ISP is Optimum Online. I tried TOR but it didn't work much i think. I will try to see if i can encrypt my torrent traffic.
  13. Well i been downloading bit torrents for a while now and i get a email from ISP saying i must stop downloading and to delete what ever i downloaded. The whole point is how can i download something with out my ISP know what it is?
  14. that look like a cool case mod for a cooling system. so it has a port on top to put in beer and then it cycles it making it cool to drink.
  15. I had the same thing in school. I did two things to go by it. 1 is make a proxy site (link) and 2 I hacked into school server and removed all website which unblocked some proxysites
  16. Codedninja-PHP

    New game

    Steam gave out yesterday 5 new games for people that own Counter Strike: Source. I only played 1 game cause the other games servers are so full. Games: Zombie Panic: Source (something like "28 days later") Age of Chivalry (like mid evil times game) D.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up Insurgency (War in iraq "Us VS Iraq") Synergy
  17. Um... I can think of a challenge give me a day i make one Edit: Coding Challenge So I was think try to make a brute forcer for htaccess. You need a word list, I will make the word list and fake htaccess page. Time: 3 days Example: http://lol:password@lol-a-website.com/ P.S. If you can get it use proxys you are 1337 P.S.S. sorry if you don't understand what I am saying
  18. i would join this lol can't drink beer but can drink G33K B33R lol. That is bawls new flavor.
  19. Codedninja-PHP


    Is it possible to do another Counter Strike: Source lan party? I did't see first episode till a week after lan party
  20. Well i started to make a IRC bot to start learning python and so far i tried my best i haven't really work on it for a while. I would like to see what people can do with her. Download: http://www.shout-box.info/codedninja/samantha.zip Features: Login script(little buggy) google search MD5 encoder P.S. Sorry if server is down I am working on a new site.
  21. I say learn batch files then go to something like python, ruby or perl. I learned batch files then went to php(html doesn't count) and now i am learning python.
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