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Acer Aspire One


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the acer seems like a really good value as far as specs:price goes. i have two hp mini note 2133's one is in pieces because of my roid rage and one is working like a champ, i've even giving that one a toss against the wall from about 8 feet away and it hit the ground, battery popped out, and it still runs like new. i'm very happy with it the specs are very good.160gig 7200rpm HD 2gigs ddr2 800 RAM, 1.6ghz via proc via chrome 9 gpu runs vista just fine aero etc. it can run multiple vm's vnc sessions FireFox irc and probably a couple more apps without a hiccup. i would recommend it. its also got one of the best resolutions screens of any current netbooks at 1280x768 built in webcam/mic, full brushed aluminum case, 92% full sized keyboard, 2 usb ports, multi format card reader, express 54/34 slot, wifi a/g/b card and bluetooth 2.0 , so its fully functional, it can easily handle anything yo ucan throw at it with the exception of resource intensive games and shit like photoshop n shit.

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Hmm i've looked at the 900a EEE by acer. But i've also liked the bigger storage of the AAO. Hows the price range work on these bad boys? Do you get what you pay for in them. I've seen some as low as 279.99 at bestbuy for the EEE 900's.

Looking for some tips as i'm looking to purchase one.

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