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No too far back Hak5 did an episode on allowing computers, over a network, to work out tasks, together. Kinda like a supercomputer. Today i was on nvidia's website and learned about the Tesla personal supercomputer, it runs about 4Tflops at under $10,000, and i thought wouldn't it be cool if someone had 10 - 100 of these on a network, working together, imagine what you could do with this. For under $2.5 million (not including other costs) you could be number one on the Top 500 supercomputer list. That would be really cool.



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With a 2 Petaflop computer or $5mil, you could do really fast genitic calculations, then you could find the cure for many diseases, then you could sell your cheap cure and make a very large return, ohh say $1billion. No top current supercomputer is not doing this, this would be a great idea for bill gates. The current top genitic supercomputer is running at 600Gflops. Bill gates could find a way to invest $100 mil for this.

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It's more of a clustering system.

You could easily to large processing on a small scale with a few thousand dollars and a investment of your time.

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