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Flashing U3 in linux?


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'Something' already exists. I've been using u3_tool to flash my 4GB Cruzer drive on Linux.

You can built it to use different USB access subsytems also; I have been using sg without any issues for over a year (despite it being talked down in the readme). If you want to flash >2GB iso's like bootable DVD iso's for example, compile with -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 as well. I've only ever flashed my U3 drive on Linux, so I can't say anything on the performance of this tool when built for Windows using spt, or libusb for any OS.

Another note, I haven't figured out what the exact mark is yet, but for iso's larger than a certain size, I have to partition the optical drive side 1 byte larger than the iso itself or the subsequent loading bombs out at 99%; not a big issue, but worth mentioning.

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