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Cancel out....?


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I was wondering if there is a program that can cancel out all other sounds other than one program say Vent? Or would it be possible to code a program of such? I would guess it would be easy.

EDIT: this could be a challenge for me so if anyone can get me started I will try to complete it. Can anyone suggjest a compliler and the program you write it in ( I forget what its called )

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Sounds like you need some sort of sound firewall, that only allows allowed programs to contact the sound drivers.

Haven't got much of an idea how you would do it, my guess would be to start looking around in the drivers for you sound, but I think your not going to have much luck unless you are using Open-source drivers.

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Well you can write the code in Vim or Notepad, or any other text editor.

Compiler depends on your platform and/or programming language you are writing it in.


Win / (C, C++) = Dev-C++ | Visual Studio

*nix / (C, C++) = gcc + Vim

Anyway, I think that would be to much work for something like that. Maybe you should just check in the options of the program you want to mute.

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