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I need your help. I use the software Pen Drive Manager 1.0 in my computer to make secure backups of my pen drive when I insert it. It´s a very simple software (just 1 or 2 mb) and it´s perfect for me. In the options I put star with windows system. Allways is running and I don´t see nothing when I introduce my pen in my computer but the application make the backup so I don´t need to do anything and I don´t see anything (it´s perfect!! if someday I lose an important work document I just have to go to the folder from Pen drive Manager and that´s it!!).

Well my problem is that I want to install Pen drive Manager in my personal work computer, (I got it just in my Home personal computer) but in that computer I´m can intall software so could give me a software like Pen Drive Manager wich doesn´t need to install??? Please boys. Thank you

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find the exe from your installed programs, my computer>Programs>blah. Copy that to the start folder on your work computer... No install needed.

that will not work. Whenever you install programs you can't just copy and paste the .exe and then use it on another computer it won't work at all. Because there are files that make that program work the way it does.

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I just tried it and It worked..The dll that came with the program is used to monitor registration activity and contain reg key values to be modified. If you open it with ollydbg you can see that all the hooks call upon regular windows system files. I didnt monitor registry entries however.. Operator_001 has a nice tool on his site to do that.. Many portable apps will edit reg entries.



Other than that..google is your friend



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dingle berries thank you very much for your answers but I can make it work. Could you send me to drumm@hotmail.es the pen drive manager portable working. Thank you very much and I´m waiting.

What is in it for me? I see no contributions to the community from you. Dazzle me and its yours otherwise, im sorry but no. Im not trying to be a dick but im not going to do the work for some one who doesn't try... If you post one topic just asking for something without adding any value to the forums, then in essence you post were just taking up space... Again sorry but im nobodies BIATCH!!!!

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