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many small os on one cd


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Before you people go on saying just google it, for some reason, i cant view any other site except deviantart and hak5 well ok anyways thats besides the point and ill fix the issue tomorrow. Moving on, is there any way i can put more then one os on a cd and just choose which to install? The reason i ask is because i got tinyme,dsl,puppy and geexbox, so i dont see why i should waste so many cd's and besides that its so inconvenient to have so many cds. So is there any way i can put all on one cd, and have like a menu or something to choose from which one i want to install?

Note i say install i dont just want whole bunch of os on a cd that are live, i need to be able to install them too from the cd

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Sorry dunno if that'll work on linux or not :/ I guess you can try wine

Well yes it works on wine but damn i dont wanna spend money on this thing when im just gona use it once. It got a limit of 350 mb iso's so isnt there a program similar to this for linux??

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