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AGP voltage

Ethan Hunt

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Before I mention anything, let me state that I did research google on the subject and found several good articles, but I have a more specific question that general articles didn't really answered... Just stating so that I don't get the "google is your friend" reply/flame.


So, here's the deal: I wanted to upgrade an old computer I have which has the Asus A8V Deluxe motherboard. In the motherboard manual it states that its AGP slot only supports 1.5v mode. The AGP card I got is the AH3650 SILENT/HTDI/512M. Unfortunately, niether in the manual, nor on ASUS's site can I find the exact specification of the card considering the voltage it works under. Being an 8x card though, I supposed that it works under the .8v mode and it's keyed for 8x as well.

Now, taking into consideration that the MB specs are allowing only 1.5v does this mean that the mode it supports will be 4x and that the card will automatically work under the 4x specs even though I have 8x selected in the BIOS?

Thanks in advance!

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not sure about the card but I have seen a few people with a asus A8V motherboard have gotten the agp version of the 3850 and it worked fine for them

I have a asus a8v and I am planning on also getting a 3850 (not ready to go for a new motherboard, cpu, and memory just for a videocard upgrade because my current opteron 170 overclocked system is doing just fine and it handles the latest games, my 6800 is just a major bottle neck )

while I have not herd much about the 3650, it should be similar to the 3850, just slower

when I looked into the 3850 and the a8v, I noticed a few complaints about some games crashing for no reason and many of them blame it on asus being lazy with their drivers or their bios, but I have no way of telling if it is because of their computer setup or if it is really a compatibility problem and there also many others who say their a8v and 3850 works with no problem

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