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Windows Shutdown


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Firtly you need to be admin and secondly you need to know the ip of the pc you shutting down then what you do is run this command

shutdown -m \\ipaddress -s

You replace ipaddress with the persons ip or the computer name i cant really remember its long since i did this.

Oh and you have to be part of the network obviously

Alternativly you can get third party utilities to do this for you and microsoft also made utils for this. Besides that if you running a server os to shut dpwn a client on the network then they come with powerful tools that can probably do this.

Hope that helped

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Once your authenticated then run the command above with the -f and -t 00...the -f is for force shutdown and the -t 00 is time until it powers off. BTW you can use your command shell and run shutdown -? to get all the switches. You might want to check out the psexec tools also. They are nice for this.

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